Sheetal Baliga’s insightful analysis of the diverse advantages of digital twin technology and its transformative influence on various stakeholders in real estate.

Within the dynamic landscape of real estate, digital twins emerge as transformative tools, delivering a myriad of advantages to essential stakeholders, including executives at the CXO levels, Asset Managers, and Facility Managers. Each role stands to acquire unique and tailored benefits, ensuring heightened operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. Notably, investors will not reach their net-zero targets without technology.

For CXO levels, digital twins provide comprehensive insights and strategic foresight, empowering well-informed leadership. Asset Managers not only benefit from optimized asset performance and streamlined maintenance but also gain the ability to future-proof assets at a portfolio level, engage in proactive risk management, and ensure the longevity of secured investments in the landscape. Simultaneously, Facility Managers gain improved day-to-day facility monitoring and management capabilities.

Altogether, digital twins significantly contribute to elevating the overall experience and productivity for occupants and stakeholders across the real estate landscape, aligning with the shared commitment to sustainability objectives and positively correlating with financial outcomes.

- By nhance

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