The challenge of weekly digital captures of 9,50,000 sft., over 15 months.

Background and context:

A leading commercial real estate firm that serves only occupiers (not landlords), approached us for a solution to digitally document a project site for 15 months. The space covered was 9,50,000 sft, and the requirement was a weekly report.

Our solution:

The team at assessed the challenges the client faced in terms of real-time data on tracking, and the frequency requested.

We came up with a comprehensive Digital Construction solution using a 360-degree camera powered by AI and Machine Learning to document and track the project. Our smart solution enabled weekly captures of the project site for 15 months, and a complete 360-degree visibility of the project. This allowed the construction team to:

– stay on top of progress

– verify work-in-place

– drive accountability, and

– reduce risk


The nhance smart solution not only met the objective of providing data on real-time tracking of the project but also enabled all stakeholders – Client, General Contractor, Architect and the Project Management Company – to make smart, data-backed decisions on the project’s progress. Although this project was in Mumbai, it is the biggest Digital Construction project in India so far.

- By nhance

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