Smart visitor management powered by contemporary technology has replaced traditional, tedious documenting of visitors’ check-ins. In fact, post-pandemic as a precautionary move, many organizations have leapt further and moved from touch to touchless.

Touchless/smart visitor management systems are increasingly becoming popular as a tried-and-true method of making buildings technologically efficient and secure. A smart visitor management system keeps long queues and undesirable visitors away from the premises. These systems are dependent on digital interactions, which usually use AI as their power source. They store and collect visitor data in an organized manner, assisting the business in handling visitors’ data efficiently.

Such systems are designed to:

1. Generate SMS-based OTP verification
2. Track visitors and give related real-time information
3. Establish direct communication between the guest and the host
4. Generate visitors’ or their vehicles’ pass
5. Generate a customized pass
6. Arrange meetings / controlled visits
7. Allow rating by visitors
8. Provide a secured fully encrypted database
9. Support visitor data export in various data formats
10. Integrate with smart/cloud-based access
11. Allow for SQL backend database

Smart visitor management allows ease of operation and optimization of time and energy in any medium or large building. It allows for better space management and also ensures hygiene on the premises.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

Visitors are integral to every business. Visitor management is a crucial responsibility in corporate settings that must not be disregarded, under any circumstances. A smart visitor management system enhances the visitor experience in the following ways:

Improved Security & Better Reception: The installed touchless visitor management system automates building security and makes it simple to monitor guest arrivals. Quick check-ins can be made via digital signatures, facial detection, or QR codes. This way guests do not have to wait for long. Their time is saved because alerts intimate the host of their arrival via the app or system. Once inside, the guest is given directions to the relevant host’s office. Likewise, the team in charge of receiving new guests, job candidates, or others is also promptly informed of their arrival.

Optimize Time: Contactless guest check-in methods can be implemented to avoid long queues and maintain necessary social distancing protocols. Such check-ins are also effective for employees because they can quickly resume their work without having to stand in a queue.

Tracking: Once inside, an automatic e-badge with the visitor’s information is generated for the record. Following check-out, the visitor’s activity is monitored and preserved. This facilitates the visitor’s subsequent visits and also allows the organization to track such visits more easily.

Real-time Data & Analytics: Pre-registration is possible using VMS to ensure a smooth guest experience, particularly in the case of big or frequent events. Real-time information based on pre-registration can be accessed and analyzed to make data-driven decisions for each location and better manage arrivals.

Centralized Information: VMS also allows for paperless centralized storage and management such that if other regional offices of a company are visited, then VMS will allow for easy check-ins. VMS can also provide additional services like easy parking and engagement with other visitors on the premises.

Smart Visitor Management System implies a high rate of return on investment by leveraging favourable first impressions on the visitors and sparing them from the hassles on the premises. Such systems require less maintenance and are simple, robust, and secure. They bring far-reaching benefits by eliminating less reliable and tedious paperwork to any organization that deploys them.

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