With digital transformation and technological disruption becoming a constant part of businesses across industries, the AEC industry is also leading the trend with innovative advancements. Leveraging technology to reimagine the way buildings have been constructed and maintained in the past, the industry is all set to unfold an exciting future.

Keeping leading-edge technologies at the backdrop of the ongoing transformation, let’s dive deeper into what the future of building and construction looks like.

Automation As The Change Driver

AI, IoT, big data, and robotics are already disrupting the way under construction and built environment operates in the current world. Automation in construction is easing out processes and creating new avenues for enhancing the entire value chain. For instance, automation in construction will help overcome labour shortages and offer better monitoring of projects thereby creating safer sites. Smart technologies will help frontline workers have better collaboration and allow faster ways to report any site issues. AI-powered simulation training will improve productivity and reduce on-site accidents. While emerging technologies, like AI, keep bringing new possibilities for innovative ways and seamless functioning of the real estate sector, they are also shaping the future of the built ecosystem by allowing curated and customized building experiences for the users.

Technology For Sustainability

Environmental degradation and climate change have become a major concern industry-wide and sectors are taking additional initiatives to reduce the impact in the future. Reportedly, more than 20% of carbon emissions account for the real estate industry and hence organizations today are consciously trying to create a more sustainable industry. Here again, technologies like 3D printing and synthetic biology are gaining ground to reduce the carbon footprint. Construction companies are more inclined toward creating a built ecosystem with better structural stability, agility, and lesser resources.

Data At The Core

In the buildings of tomorrow that are equipped with modern devices and sensors, data about occupants’ behaviour and patterns will be readily available. Not only about occupant’s data but data related to building assets, resources, everything will be available at the fingertips. With massive data at its disposal, the real estate industry can use real-time analytics to both enhance the customer experience inside a building as well as have better maintenance and control over the building life cycle. Using AI and data analytics, the future real estate will offer a personalized intuitive experience and have better project success rates.

Digitalization and innovation

In days to come, technology and digital solutions claim to be the crucial enabler of the future of buildings and construction. AI-led autonomous buildings and data-driven construction processes will respond to the dynamic needs of the industry and customers. Digitalization will foster innovative ways of utilizing spaces and optimizing infrastructure. The next-generation real estate driven by digital technologies will offer a dynamic and interconnected experience for occupants. Through innovative techniques and design, the construction will become leaner and more cost-effective.

Connected construction and buildings

The next generational construction and building cannot be viewed in silos. The future is all about interoperability. Companies are looking at increasing productivity and efficiency by connecting their sites and operations. This is being facilitated by sensor technologies, IoT, AI, and other leading-edge technologies. Similarly, connected buildings enabled by intelligent devices and sensors make the future of the built world where integrated data available at a single source will help in predictive and preventative maintenance that will enhance the building lifecycle.

Besides, these, technologies like blockchain and metaverse are also slipping their way into the modern-day real estate and construction industry and are ready to disrupt the industry. The building and construction in the next generation will no longer be about infrastructure and concrete, it will all be about creating a smart conscious experience within a space that will largely be driven by technology in action.

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