Accelerated pace of digitisation is not the only significant change that the pandemic has brought in the business world. It has also transformed the work and the workplace forever. With lines between office and home becoming blurred, the definition of the workplace has changed forever. Looking from the perspective of a new work environment where companies are getting back to work-from-office or a hybrid workplace, creating a conducive and safe environment becomes their first priority. To cater to this changing workplace dynamics in digital enterprises, technology integration and smart workspace management come at the centre stage.

Digital Workplace

Before we move ahead to discuss the transformation in the office space, it is crucial to understand what a digital workplace actually means. A virtual and modern avatar of the traditional workspace, the digital workplace is an evolution of the previous era offices. Offering an engaging work environment, the digital offices rely on technology to create highly collaborative spaces and help enterprises make efficient use of real estate.

At the heart of digital offices lies innovative technologies that have holistically remodelled the place of work. From leveraging tools and technologies to empower employees to use the latest tech for enhancing the employee experience, and effective space management, digital workplaces are the real transformation of offices we have seen for ages.

Technology & Workplace Transformation

Any discussion around workplace transformation cannot be complete without considering the way technology has transformed physical offices. Tech innovations in space management, maintaining health & hygiene, digital construction, ensuring safety and security etc. has changed the way offices have been managed in the past. In the new normal where the boundary between physical and digital is fading away, enterprises need to create workplaces that ensure collaboration, connectivity, and safety. This synergy can be brought about only through technology integration within office buildings to business processes, precisely within the entire work ecosystem.

While most companies are accelerating the pace of digitisation of processes, some are missing the importance of tech intervention needed to maintain a digitally conducive workplace. They are losing out on employees’ privacy and wellbeing by sticking out to the age-old basic health and safety protocols.

Progressive enterprises are already using thermal cameras and sensors along with facial recognition technology and other detectors to ensure maximum security. Safety and security management systems are being used with live tracking systems to make offices smarter and safer. From smart buildings to analytics and intelligence, these modern offices are using the power of tech to optimise the work environment and improve efficiency.

Before moving back to offices, organisations are building a digital strategy for preparing their workspaces for the new ways of working. However, the transition needs to be done systematically. Companies need to first assess the current level of digital maturity their workspaces have and then align the plan to create a holistic digital office. Not only the privacy and security have to be kept at the centre while transmuting the existing workplace, safety, health, and hygiene also need to be amongst the top priorities.

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