In a world driven by personal experiences and technology, workplaces are no exception. Modern-day employees have a similar approach to their workplaces as does a customer for product/service. The new-age employees expect organizations to offer enhanced workplace experience and continuously work to improve it as they work to better the customer experience.

What Is Workplace Experience?

According to Accenture, Workplace Experience (WX) is “a new approach combining technology, operations, culture, and employee experience in a holistic way. It combines technology, operations, culture, and employee experience in a holistic approach focused on cost efficiency, productivity, and growth.” Alternatively, workplace experience can be viewed as a continuously evolving ecosystem to offer agile and flexible employee experience by leveraging new-age tools and technologies at hand. For instance, to create a healthy workplace for both employees and businesses, organizations must consider smart building solutions for better space management, improving safety, ensuring health and hygiene along with a suitable lighting environment.

Components of Effective Workplace Experience

IBM reports three primary components of employee experience: the Social Sphere, the Physical Sphere, and the Work Sphere. Each of these spheres of interaction often overlaps and creates six facets of the employee experience. An effective workspace experience is created by integrating and improving all three spheres – employees’ physical environments, their social connections and the work to be done.

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According to Workplace Experience Research, 96% of executive leadership agree on a holistic approach across technology and physical workspace as an essential component of successful WX transformation. While advocating the use of analytics, virtualization, and cloud-based technologies, Accenture also iterates that designing and maintaining an effective workplace experience encompasses more than just technology advancements. Besides technology, the company stresses on enhancing the physical experiences, human experiences, and digital experiences. To ensure this synergy nhance offers several intelligent workplace solutions using which organizations can easily improve the WX quotient.

Creating a tangible physical space that assures employees’ wellness, has properly designed ergonomics and a conducive environment is critical to the success of the workspace experience. Besides design, environmental factors such as ambient lighting, temperature control, noise, ventilation, etc also impact employee experience and productivity. Research has shown the impact on productivity where if ambient temperatures are set too low or too high for comfort levels, the human error rates have reportedly increased.

It goes without saying that alongside technology, tools, and platforms, the spotlight should also be on rebooting the physical space to ensure a comfortable and flexible working environment.

Enablers of Successful Workplace Experience.

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Technology, process, and culture are the key drivers of a successful workplace experience. It is through an integrated ecosystem built by modernized platforms, optimized operations, and reimagined culture and employee experience, that organizations can transform WX that forms the foundation of customer experience and sustainable businesses. Only happy employees can keep the consumers happy, so with WX, the focus is brought on a unified employee experience alongside the customer experience.

Reimagining Workplace Experience

The equation WX + CX = ROI+.5 is enough to summarize the value of an enhanced workplace experience. Clearly, an integrated customer and workplace experience gives a higher ROI and hence reimaging WX should be equally emphasized instead of focusing on CX in silos. Reengineering the workplace starts with bringing the puzzles together to transform from a customers-first to a people-first approach. While the focus is to offer the latest technology, a successful WX transformation covers aspects beyond just the tech upgrade. To help bring everything required to facilitate this transformation, nhance, brings it all together at one place with its comprehensive, scalable, and time-to-value workplace intelligence platform. The unified dashboard helps in managing all the workplace requirements, right from tracking, monitoring, controlling to measuring which subsequently provides an environment where employees enjoy working.

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