With the digital revolution penetrating across sectors, making everything smarter has become the norm of the day. Buildings around us are no exception to this, be it commercial or residential, new generation buildings are increasingly becoming “smart”. Leading-edge technologies are being used to manage and control buildings and improve the occupants’ experience.

What is a smart building?

A smart building is basically the traditional building structure powered by IoT technology to automatically control the operations so as to increase the efficiency of the entire building. Using automation technologies, the building systems are integrated to create a unified view for greater access and control. The smart buildings are backed by real-time operational data that helps in improving building maintenance and enhancing the experience of the occupants.

Smart Building Security

While buildings are getting smarter with the implementation and integration of various systems, they still need proper safety and security measures to ensure overall well-being. It is important to have a proper plan to be prepared for any unwarranted situations. For connected and smart buildings of tomorrow overall security (right from visitor management, and access control to asset tracking) is a crucial component of ensuring a satisfactory occupancy experience.

Enhancing Safety & Security In Smart Building

In ensuring the safety and security of smart buildings, everything is of importance be it asset tracking, access control, visitor management, points of egress and ingress, etc. Modern-day buildings are leveraging technology that gives control over access, security, environment, energy, and assets bringing automated management to the forefront of making buildings safer. Of other aspects, the following areas must be considered while planning the security and safety of smart buildings.

Point of Ingress & Egress: Ingress points are the entry points areas of egress are the exit points. Monitoring all activities from points of egress and ingress, such as windows, doors, fences, and loading docks, is required to ascertain the entry/exit of only authorized people, materials, and vehicles through the building.

Crowd Management & Emergency Evacuation: Crowd management is a critical functionality and an important aspect of safety and emergency management in buildings. The application of technology helps in intelligent monitoring of crowd formations and helps facility managers guide people out through alternative exits for safe evacuation if one is too congested. Crowd management and emergency evacuation, therefore, are essential in modern buildings to be prepared to safely handle any emergency situations.

Visitor Management: Visitor management is a crucial factor in safeguarding modern buildings. Visitor management technology helps in keeping a track of who enters the building. Compared to the manual log of visitors the tech-led visitor management systems replace the need to have piles of data stored in physical files and eliminate the chances of human error. In case of any unwanted situation, the system data is readily available and time-stamped accurately to track down the culprit. In everyday life, the system allows seamless tracking of visitors and their activities to ascertain safety and security in and around the building.

Ready To Secure Your Building?

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