The challenge of tracking occupancy across 5,00,000 sft. Is never an easy one.

Background and context:

Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services approached us for a smart solution for real-time occupancy management. Although the requirement was for one of their facilities in Bangalore, it covered an area of 5,00,000 square feet, over 30 floors.

Our solution:

The team at assessed the challenges the client faced in terms of real-time data on occupancy management, given the large space in question.

We came up with a comprehensive smart solution that would enable the Facilities team in getting tangible data on desk occupancy. 3000+ sensors were installed that provided valuable data, including on:

– Occupancy

– Desk Booking

– Hot Desking


The nhance smart solution not only met the objective of providing data on real-time occupancy management for the office but also supported the company’s hybrid work environment. With the tracking and monitoring of occupancy, desk booking and hot desking, there was more efficient use of the workspace. This in turn enabled the Facilities team to make quick, smart data-backed decisions.

- By nhance

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