During the Pandemic, the world faced unprecedented challenges that were detrimental to all organizations across the globe. And now, as the organizations begin resuming their work offline, they cannot afford to run the danger of not having a hygiene & health management system, upholding social distancing norms or lacking adequate contact tracing information. Making health and well-being a top priority, organizations are implementing new standard operating procedures to ensure social distancing and workplace safety while adapting to this new norm.

Need For Contact Tracing

An internal perspective on health and hygiene is no longer acceptable for organizations. They are now required to regulate and monitor the interactions within their entire ecosystem to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. Thus contact tracing measures have become critical in workplaces to avoid Covid-like challenges in the future. Contact tracing systems break the transmission chain of such infections by hastening the procedure of confinement, isolation and administering necessary tests and treatments if an employee is identified with any contagious infection on the premises. Methodical implementation of systems like nhance contact tracing systems can keep the workplace safe from any health risks.

Traditional Vs Digital Contact Tracing Systems

The conventional contact tracing methods employed workers to keep up with other workers within the organizations and maintain reports. With this approach, it was impossible to stay informed about everything that was happening within the organization at a specific time. However, with technology in place, there are solutions that provide real-time updates of the events that take place in the organization. Digital solutions, wearable technology-based, GPS-based, BLE-based, sensors, tags and mobile device-based solutions are the technological innovations for contact tracing. Some more solutions include creating server-side programmes like dashboards and visualizations for contact analytics and performing quality assurance testing to ensure accuracy.

Benefits of Digital Contact Tracing

Digital solutions, when appropriately incorporated, allow monitoring of all activities taking place within the organization in one go. They include tools for tracking symptoms, proximity tracing, and outbreak intervention. Enhanced information quality, the ability to promptly detect more contacts, the ability to provide an evaluation of real-time situations, and the ability to manage and coordinate with contact tracing teams are a few operational benefits of well-designed digital tools for contact tracing. Digital tools can also deliver crucial data for tracking and assessing the contact tracing strategy.

In comparison to manual contact tracing, digital contact tracing is more scalable and has the ability to identify contacts that would be impossible to track manually. As part of a holistic approach to containing transmissible illnesses, digital contact tracing must be implemented together with physical contact monitoring, effective coordination, and the execution of preventative measures.

These solutions aid organizations in managing existing equipment, infrastructure, and confined premises while ensuring social distancing norms and the highly variable interpersonal behaviour of individuals. They provide log records of employee-to-employee, employee-to-equipment, and employee-to-location interactions which are important to devising a contact tracing strategy.

Contact Tracing To Ensure Social Distancing

Modern systems aid employees in maintaining appropriate social distance and help organizations to monitor interactions for contact tracing. They make it possible to track various security and safety lapses in addition to medical emergencies and the like. They help to check in with those who were in close proximity to a sick person and allow for a prompt implementation of corrective actions at the necessary location.

In order to effectively curb the spread of Covid and any other similar future rampant, social distancing norms and contract tracing solutions must be adequately exercised by all organizations. But while implementing these solutions the privacy-first approach must also be adopted to ensure secured use of employees’ information.

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